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A needle, connected to a small machine tubes containing tatto ink, respeatedly pric into the skin. Each needle puncture inserts tiny droplets of ink. for a large tattoo, the process may last serveral hours and might small amount of bleeding.

A Tatto is a permanent Coloruring, usually in the form of design of the second layer of skin (dermis) and it is achived by picking the skin applying permanent inks under the surface. It is a body modification done for self-expression.

  1. Remove Bandage After 2-3 Hours. Do Not Re-Bandage.
  2. Wash Tatto Gently with Luke Warm Water to Remove All Medication. Excess Color And Dry Blood.
  3. Dry Tatoo by blatting with a soft, Clean, Dry Towel
  4. Use only Recommended Ointment (A Mild Antibacterial Ointment.) it is important to use only a small amount. Rub in thoroughly and wipe off Excess. Do not use Vaseline
  5. Do not Scratch or Pick at Tattoo. Do not Expose Tatto to direct Sunlight until fully healded.
  6. Healing will be complete in Approx. A week to 10 Days.
  7. Do not Exercise, Pools, Lakes, Oceans until skin is completely helded.
  8. Proper care during healing will insure Detail and Color.

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